Flocão de milho

Flocão de milho

Photo credit: Marisa Ono (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5)

If you’ve come to this glossary entry, you’ve probably seen flocão de milho in a recipe for Brazilian couscous or cake. It’s tricky because a literal translation would be “corn flakes” but it’s obviously very different from the breakfast cereal! Flocão de milho is a product made from corn that has been ground into a fairly fine meal and then lightly toasted. Because it’s already been partly precooked, it doesn’t take as long to cook as polenta or other types of cornmeal. It also results in very light couscous or cake. Many Brazilian food suppliers do stock it and it is worth buying. If you’re really stuck, though, you’ll have to substitute another type of cornmeal and adapt the recipe accordingly (e.g. you might need to add more liquid and allow more cooking time).


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